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Repair, Patch, or Replace a Roof

One of the most valuable investments you will ever make is in your home. This is your safe place, a source of comfort, and where you watch your family grow. It makes sense, then, to safeguard it as much as possible. One of the most effective ways to do this is with a high-quality, durable roof.

Not everyone is a roofing expert, however, and sometimes it can be difficult to identify areas in need of repair, replacement, or simply a bit of patchwork. This is where the team at Clifton Lane, Inc. can help. We can conduct a thorough assessment to determine the roofing option that will most effectively meet your needs. Here are some areas to consider:

  • Potential for sale of the home. Perhaps you have no intention of ever relocating from your beloved home. Conversely, you may have other plans in mind. You may not want to invest in a full roof replacement if you are in the market for another property. However, it is also worth noting that a new roof will drastically increase property value, potentially making it worth the investment.

  • Level of wear and tear. Your roof may be somewhat aged, yet perfectly fine – but for a few areas that require patching. Patchwork is much less expensive than replacement. That is, unless your roof is nearing the end of its life. It may be more prudent to forego the patching and replace it in its entirety if you’ll be doing so in a year or two anyway.

  • Potential and existing leaks. If there has been persistent leakage or difficult-to-find leaks, roof repair of the entire area may be the most effective means of solving the problem. It is worth noting that roof repair and patchwork can result in a noticeable visual difference.

  • Likelihood of future leaks. Damage to your interior property may be more costly to replace than the roof itself. What is on the inside of the home – your family and their personal belongings – are most valuable. Protecting them is a priority.

No matter what your roof needs, we can get it fixed with our expert guidance and advice, fair pricing, quality service and materials, and excellent workmanship. Clifton Lane Inc. encompasses every one of these traits. Call today for a free estimate! (919)359-8319