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What You Need to Know About Roof Ventilation

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Most homeowners hardly think about their roofs, so confusion is common when it comes to roof venting. A vented attic is critical in both hot and cold climates. Since Raleigh, Durham, and the Raleigh Triangle experience a mixed climate, it's important to appreciate the value of a vented attic.

In cold climates, ventilation prevents ice dams from forming on the roof and eliminates the threat of moisture from the snow. Similarly, venting in warmer climates expels solar-heated air while sealing cooled air within the home. So while it is unseen and unheard, roof ventilation is easily one of the most critical components of any home.

How to Choose the Right Roof Ventilation

Selecting the ventilation system is dependent upon understanding your needs. First, determine the square footage of the attic or area that you need to ventilate. The space needing ventilation will automatically eliminate certain systems while highlighting others as potential solutions.

As you examine each potential solution, make sure that your roof fits the physical requirements. Ventilation systems, for instance, require “intake” that brings fresh air into the attic. Both intake and exhaust areas are needed for a comprehensive ventilation system.

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Preventing Problems with Roof Ventilation

Some of the most common roofing problems such as blistered shingles, ice dams, and frost in the attic are generally the result of insufficient roof ventilation. The key to preventing future roof ventilation complications is to make sure your current needs are being met today. During installation, both high and low vents should be included.

Insufficient intake vents are the primary cause of ventilation complications. By meeting the standard of a 50/50 split between high and low vents, you dramatically reduce the likelihood of long-term complications.

Roofing Solutions with Clifton Lane Construction

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