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Roofing Options

Asphalt (Composition) Shingles

Composition shingles are used on the majority of homes in the United States. These shingles are made of a base (organic or fiberglass) that is saturated with asphalt and coated with minerals on one side to resist weathering. The fiberglass shingles are more flexible and stronger than organic shingles. Shingles come in a wide variety of colors. Composition roofs can be overlaid with a new roof if the initial roof is a single layer and in good condition. The life expectancy of composition shingles depends on the rating (e.g., quality) and ranges from 20 to 30 years. Most manufacturers will cover a composition roof under warranty, but only if it has been installed by a certified roofer as the most common problems and maintenance issues occur when the installation did not include adequate ventilation and/or flashing.

Dimensional Shingles

Dimensional shingles are very similar to composition shingles, but are thicker, and can be used to create a more custom appearance. Depending on the rating, dimensional shingles also have a much better lifespan, with an expectancy of up to 40 years. We also offer a line of lifetime asphalt shingles with a life of 50 years or more. The issues and concerns with a dimensional roof are the same as those associated with composition shingles, moss buildup, quality, and adequate venting/flashing.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are great for any type of roof and are ideal in forested, moss prone, or heavy precipitation areas. Typically made up of steel, alumninum or copper, metal roofs offer some of the best protection for your home. They withstand high winds, shed snow and rain very effectively and are fire resisitant. Some people fear that hail may put dents in a metal roof, but many roof metal materials guarantee no denting. Another concern is that lightning may be attracted to a metal roof, and is more likely to strike the house but this is unfounded. We offer a full line of metal products from standing seam to exposed fastener panels, and shingles.

Two types of finishes / coatings are predominate in metal roofing. Siliconized-polyester is an economical and long-lasting coating and has been used for years. Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® fluorocarbon coatings have excellent color retention, chalking resistance, and durability. Both are excellent coatings and will carry finish warranties from 20-30years. If you are considering a deeper, darker color for your metal roof, we recommend a Kynar 500® / Hylar 5000® finish.